Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chicken, Shrimp, Udon, Tofu, and Vegetables... MMmmmmm

I wish I'd gotten pictures of tonight's dinner but when I was putting it together I wasn't thinking of a blog post.
I wish I had been because, wow, did it ever turn out good!
I had a family pack of chicken thighs ($ .79lb at the new local Jon's Market, woohoo!) that needed to be addressed before they went bad.
I put five of the thighs in a pot of water and set it to boiling lightly. I also added a small peeled and quartered onion to the pot.
As I boned out the rest of the chicken thighs to ready them for the freezer I added the bones to the boiling pot.
After getting the meat into the freezer I cut up a few vegetables into thin slices: a carrot, a couple florettes of broccali, one yellow squash, and a small handful of snow peas (not cut). One at a time I put these vegetables into the simmering stock and pulled them out with a slotted spoon when they were cooked. I set them all aside in a bowl.
Somewhere along the way I pulled out the whole chicken thighs that were in the boiling stock. I wanted them to cook through but not loose all their "chicken" to the pot. Once these pieces were cool enough to handle I pulled off the meat, set it aside, and tossed the bones back into the pot to boil a bit longer.
I had pulled out a few shrimp from the freezer and set them aside to defrost. Once they had I peeled the shells off and put the shells in with the boiling stock. The shrimp were cooked in the stock just like the vegetables had been. Once cooked I set them aside with the vegetables.  
After the liquid in the pot had reduced a bit and it seemed as if all the flavor was out of everything I ran a strainer through the pot and discarded the chicken bones, shrimp shells, onion, and anything else the strainer caught. 
Keeping the stock boiling I put in two packages of Japanese udon noodles and cooked them per the package directions, about two minutes, adding the sauce packets at the end of the cooking.
All the cooked vegetables, the chicken, shrimp, and a handful of cubed tofu were in a big bowl and I poured the noodles and broth over it all. Ready to eat.
Holy cow, was tonight's dinner ever good. I was actually a little surprised it turned out so well.
While the process sounds as if it was somewhat complicated, it really wasn't. It turned out to be a great way to use the chicken bones and get use from what I may normally have discarded.
For some reason all this reminds me of why I took a cooking class in high school. I figured that if I wanted to eat good food it wasn't fair to rely on a girlfriend or wife to make it for me. I should learn how to make it myself.
30 some years later, I'm damn glad I had that foresight. Now, if only I'd thought about saving more money...
Happy eating!


Lady Arwen of the Silver Rose said...

It was so yummy I'm going to post this to my Facebook stream. I just hope all the readers don't show up at our front door with an empty bowl and a hungry tummy.

Anonymous said...

Jon's Market!!!! Ahhhh!! One more thing I do miss about L.A.! I started shopping there after the old Frontier Market (over by Vermont and Hollywood Blvd, I recall)changed hands or went out of business or something. Jon's always had the best deals and great selection. Hey, ever go to Bargain Circus on La Brea? They had great deals on great stuff, too. I heard they went out of business.

Guy Taylor said...

We're actually in Anaheim, a block south of Knott's Berry Farm. The Los Angeles area is quite a drive for us and I'm not at all familiar with that area.
Jon's Market is the best. I used to shop at one in Huntington Beach until we moved to Anaheim. I was happy as hell when they opened up this new Jon's relatively close to us.
I've also really enjoyed the selection at Super King Market, it's got an incredible international selection. The only problem with that store is that it is always so crowded the aisles are like rush hour on an LA freeway.

Anonymous said...

I envy your supermarket selection. Flagstaff isn't nearly as bad as Winslow or Holbrook, but we're not exactly, well, the L.A./Orange County area, either. But, on the other hand, we just picked and dried enough King Boletes that the jars take up and entire bookshelf.

Speaking of Winslow, there is one great place there anyone passing through on I-40 should make plans to stay at or at the very least eat at. La Posada. It's an old Harvey House, designed by Mary Jane Colter, and they've restored most of it. You can stay there---it's fun! And eat there at their restaurant, The Turquoise Room---even MORE fun!!!


Nothing else to do in Winslow, except visit the museum which has a huge display of arrowheads. Even better than Northern Arizona Museum. You can "stand on the corner in Winslow, Arizona"...then leave, because there's nothing else to do once you've eaten at The Turquoise Room and drooled over the arrowheads at the museum.