Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Visit to the Himalayan Grill

A post on the Guerilla Chef blog recently alerted me to a restaurant in Sunset Beach that I had to visit.

The Guerilla Chef goes to The Himalayan Grill where he lives in Flagstaff, Arizona and it turns out there is one near me in California, too. After reading his description of the lunch buffet I just had to go.

Fayme and I met a good friend of ours, Robert, at the restaurant and cruised on in.

I have to say, my first reaction was disappointment. The Guerilla Chef recommended the lunch buffet, the restaurant’s web site said they have a lunch buffet, my menu said they have a lunch buffet...
They no longer have the lunch buffet.
Damn it!

Business owners, please take note: if you have a website, don’t build it and then forget about it. When things change in your business, change the website!

Anyway, once I got over my initial disappointment we checked out the lunch menu and made our orders. Robert ordered chicken masala, Fayme opted for tandoori chicken, and I decided on lamb curry, I just can't pass up lamb. For an accompaniment we got garlic naan bread.
The meals started off with dal soup, a lentil soup prepared with Himalayan herbs and spices. Now, brand me as a heathen if you must but I’ve never cared for lentils or other members of the legume family. They’re just not my thing, which raises hell with my love for Mexican food.
But I wanted to give these guys a chance so I dug into the soup.

Well, I may not like lentils but I guess I do like dal soup. You couldn’t have drowned an ant in what was left in my bowl.

Our meals arrived in very cool looking steel pan/plates: entrée, Basmati rice, side salad, and an unidentified spinach dish that was delicious.

My lamb curry...

Robert's chicken masala...

Fayme's tandoori chicken...

Garlic naan...

The meals were great and there was little left on any of our dishes when we pushed them away.
The atmosphere in the restaurant was very nice, staff was great, and the background music very enjoyable. Robert is a professional musician of no small talent and even he approved of the music.

Happy and full, Fayme and I...

And Robert...

Will I go back? Good question, I may. The food was very good and I’ve only touched the bare surface of what the Himalayan Grill has to offer, but that lack of the promised lunch buffet just rankles me. Once I get over that I imagine we’ll visit again. The quality of food certainly will make return visits worthwhile.

Many thanks to the Guerilla Chef for pointing me in the right direction. I highly recommend taking a look at his blog, he's a great writer covering some wonderful subjects in the food world.

Thanks for reading!