Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jerky, part 2

London broil went on sale this week for $1.99 lb. Since I have a Pasadena gathering coming up tomorrow I thought I'd get a couple pieces and make some more jerky.
I did things a little differently this time, kind of kept it simple.
I used the teriyaki marinade again for the base and added a minced onion, crushed garlic (about 5 cloves, I like garlic), ground garlic (did I mention I like garlic?), ground coriander, ground chili, dried oregano, pickled chilis, chili sauce, smoke flavoring, and some dried parsley. That last item, the parsley, was a mistake. I thought the bottle had oregano in it. Didn't hurt, though, this was The... Best... Jerky... EVER!

Now that I know our oven has challenges at low temperatures I kept an eye on it and turned it off and on to keep the temperature low. As soon as the jerky was dry enough to stop dripping I turned the oven off entirely and put a 75w light in with the oven door shut. That worked like a champ, the jerky is dry without being too crisp.

Happy snacking and thanks for reading!